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What Every Florida Voter Should Know About Amendment 2

Nov. 9 Update: Amendment 2 passed, earning 71 percent of the vote. Read more about this historic vote.

Finally, after months of hearing arguments from both sides, on a number of issues, the people of Florida will finally get to vote on Amendment 2. No issue has been more contentious than medical marijuana, a topic we have written about extensively over the past year.

The issue holds a special place in the heart of our founder, John Morgan, because of what happened to his brother as a young man. Now a paraplegic, John’s brother Tim uses marijuana to help manage his pain, and John wants to see anyone that can be helped by medical marijuana receive that treatment legally.

The initiative, known as Amendment 2, would legalize medical marijuana for debilitating medical conditions as outlined in the ballots language.

We have written about some of the exciting research being done on medical marijuana, including stories about how it may be a suitable treatment for epilepsy, alzheimer’s, PTSD, among other conditions.

We have also written about how Florida can expect to benefit from it if it is legalized.

Some people in Florida are nervous that crime will go up because of medical marijuana legalization, and that overall the initiative will have a negative impact on our state. However, we found that it could actually benefit our communities, boost the economy, and help curb the opioid epidemic. Not to mention, a national law enforcement group has endorsed the plan, and some cities in the state have already decriminalized it.

Another topic we have written about is the people who are already benefiting from the limited medical marijuana system that Florida has in place, and how more people could benefit from a broader law. Stories like that of an elderly woman suffering from a rare eye lid condition, and a young boy with autism that have had their lives changed by medical marijuana offer a particularly compelling argument for voting #yeson2 tomorrow.

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