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2017 marked the calm before the storm, according to Profescau


Andrea Lubeck

22 May 2018 07:00

Profescau has enjoyed modest growth in a stable market, said its president Pierre Chicoine. 2018 will be of a different ilk, he predicts.

“In 2017 as in 2016, we have had our fair share of risks difficult. We have a renewed risk and we wrote a little bit. “

If the company has not launched any new products, it has found new contracts in London. “We have new partners and with the subscription agreements. We have often had to submit risks a to a to London. During the year, we have been able to develop agreements automatic with a power of underwriting, ” Mr. Chicoine.

But 2017 was only the calm before the storm, according to Mr. Chicoine. “The year 2018 is going to rock and roll ! We have noticed big changes that have an impact on the market and the wholesalers also. The financial results in deterioration of insurers are strengthening the market, so more risks can be found on the market, ” he explains.

However, he believes that Profescau is quite equipped to cope with the changes, although the workforce remains an important issue. “We will respond to requests, but this will be complicated. It was easy to find tools for the job, now you have to get subscribers. We can’t make it work for our subscribers 24 hours per day, although we have enough work to do, ” proclaims Mr. Chicoine.

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