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3 books that have defined the leadeurship of Yvon Charest



August 1, 2018 07:00

Yvon Charest | Photos : Michèle Bourdeau

Great leader, great reader! Yvon Charest, president of iA Financial Group has embodied this role during an interview conducted in front of an audience of business people convened through a collaboration between the Saint-James Club and the reading Club Affairs on 27 April.

Generous, eloquent, and energetic in his comments, the participants were delighted of the multiple stories he told. Here are the three books that he presented :

Gender Intelligence : Breakthrough Strategies For Increasing Diversity And Improving Your Bottom Line
Barbara Annis and Keith Merron

Mr. Charest has discovered the word ‘Intelligenre’ (Intelligence, gender) at a time when he was seeking answers to questions on the access of women in the management team. Impressed by his work, Mr. Charest made it come to its offices to guide his team management. Since then, the intelligenre is part of the language in ai Financial Group.

The intelligenre, it is recognized that there are skills male and others that are found more in women. Men like to solve problems and make decisions. Women are more challenged by the team work, collective decision making and emotional intelligence. The realities with which we must deal.

For Mr. Charest, ” the challenge is to remain conscious of possible bias. Those, for example, when one is tempted to go to individuals who have the same skills as us and with which we had success. If one is not aware of this bias, we reproduced the same mold and the same power. “

The confidence displayed and the real confidence, another notion to assimilate. “A position has been posted recently at Industrial Alliance. Three people went to see the chief operating officer. Two men have said : this job, it is for me. And then there was a woman who said : maybe I would like it if I was considered. “told Mr. Charest to illustrate the difference.

Men and women do not see the promotion in the same way. Today, iA Financial Group displays all of the posts of vice-presidency. A person is associated with the selection process to comply with the intelligenre. Like what, a book can lead to important changes! To Yvon Charest, all leaders should read this book.

What got you here won’t get you there
Marshall Goldsmith

French Version : The ultimate level

The author proposes a paradigm shift that like a lot to Mr. Charest. To improve and become leaders, instead of putting in the time to develop new habits, why not eliminate those which are harmful. Marshall Goldsmith provides a list of 20 habits to eliminate. A simple approach, but how effective.

He gives examples.

Always wanting to add their little grain of salt to every discussion is not a good habit. “The impact of this behavior is that people won’t want to come up with new ideas, because the boss will always have the last word. It is demotivating. People no longer want to invest to find new solutions, to innovate. “

Mr. Charest has also admitted one of his faults : he tends to be a crowd favorite. “I was told early in my career that I had my nearest and dearest. I love some people for their ideas and for their work. I’m inclined to value it. I’ve never asked myself that may not be quite the issue for other individuals with other personalities. That is what this person is doing for the good of the organization? Is it that I have given recognition to this person lately that I love or not his profile. “

The most important element of the list of Marshall Goldsmith, according to Mr. Charest : get feedback! “This is probably the element that has been the most helpful in my development. As a manager, you are in a position to have an impact. “

Man’s search for meaning
Viktor Franckl

French Version : Discover a meaning to his life with the logothérapie

It is clear that Mr. Charest is interested in the approaches and theories humanist, and positivist. The book of Franckl, which was sold in millions of copies, is inscribed in this lineage. It addresses questions about the meaning of life, about suffering and happiness.

The history of this psychiatrist, a jew who survived the concentration camps in germany is exciting. “The great lesson that he gives us, it is only when we understand why we did something, and it is this that becomes the engine. “

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