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A assurtech book a first police drone


Alain Thériault

August 6, 2019 09:30

Photo : Unsplash | Goh Rhy Yan has delivered for the first time a life insurance policy using a drone to send the document to a client, in the region of Trois-Rivières.

This first delivery may well be the last. President and founder of, Michel Landry said he was especially a coup. “I did not intend this to be a common practice “, he added in an interview with the Journal of insurance.

A “cost” marketing

To Mr. Landry, it was important to be first to deliver a police with a drone, as it has been in launching a comparator of life insurance products on the Internet in 2001. “In doing so, I’m not saying that the drone will replace the delivery of fonts. Because there is a cost to this. “

SoumissionAssuranceVie has retained the services of professionals to design this coup, that took weeks of filming and editing. Mr. Landry has pointed out that sending a drone over 150 grams requires a commercial licence, so the more costly. There is also the requirement to buy liability insurance. In short, not for tomorrow the regular delivery by drone, he stated.

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