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A assurtech canadian enters the u.s. market with Beazley and Gallagher


Aurélia Morvan

10 September 2019 11:30

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The assurtech vancouver Apollo Insurance Solutions launches in the United States by partnering with the company british insurance Beazley UK and the brokerage firm american Arthur J. Gallagher. All three will offer an insurance solution aimed at a target audience in search of speed.

Subscription lapse

Indeed, via its e-commerce platform Apollo Exchange, Apollo Insurance Solutions from now on will product liability insurance designed for the educators of California. Consultants, instructors, and therapists can take their coverage at digital and instant. As required by the school boards in california, they must acquire before beginning their work with students.

“Rather than waiting for weeks, being unable to work for that their insurance documents are processed, or even having access to cover, Apollo Exchange allows them to buy their insurance immediately, on the spot from their smart phones if necessary, and to receive their proof of insurance in less than five minutes,” says Jeff McCann, president and CEO of Apollo Insurance Solutions.

This liability insurance will be underwritten by Beazley UK, british insurer member of the Lloyd’s of London, distributed by the american Arthur J. Gallagher and powered by the Canadian Apollo Exchange. “This is a supply chain world “, has said Mr. McCann.

Platform launched in April this year

Apollo Exchange allows brokers to realize quotes, sell policies, and disseminate documents, such as contracts of insurance, for small businesses, all online and in real-time. Brokers can use Apollo Exchange white label in order to sell insurance directly from their Web site.

The platform was launched in April 2019, after Apollo Insurance Solutions, has closed a round of angel financing of $ 1 million.

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