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A bank 100 % mobile lands in Canada


Aurélia Morvan

31 May 2019 13:30

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Revolut landed in Canada in 2019. The néobanque uk has confirmed the information of the insurance Journal, without, however, expanding on the modalities of its launch on the canadian market.

A dozen offers of employment, based in Toronto is currently displayed on the web site of the fintech, which is intended to be an alternative to financial institutions classic.

Free and 100 % mobile

Revolut has met with success in Europe, where it has no banking branches. Its recipe ? An offer of services free of charge and 100 % digital.

Via the mobile application of the néobanque, customers can open a bank account in a few clicks, get a MasterCard or Visa and control everything through various features.

No “frontier financial”

“We don’t believe in borders financial,” says the fintech, which allows for international transactions. For the latter, it applies the inter-bank exchange rate of the moment.

As well, customers can pay for abroad in over 150 currencies, free of charge. They can withdraw free of charge up to $ 400 canadian per month abroad, Revolut fees of 2 % beyond this limit. They also have the ability to make international transfers free of charge, in 29 currencies.

Insurance, cryptomonnaies, investment…

Whether for the keeping of the account, to the payment card or for the use of the associated services, the customers pay nothing. Of the paid subscriptions, however, are offered. These include additional services such as insurance provided by Revolut Travel Limited , or the access to five cryptomonnaies, including the Bitcoin.

Revolut was also launched in the placement services, savings and loans.

100 million customers by 2023

Based in London, néobanque has come a long way since its launch in July 2015. To this day, Revolut account more than 4 million customers in 31 countries in Europe, including over one million in the Uk and to over 500 000 in France.

It expects to secure 100 million customers around the world by 2023. To do so, Revolut with international ambitions. In addition to Canada, the néobanque plans to launch in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Russia.

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