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A beginning of a difficult spring in the United States


Charles Mathieu

April 1, 2019 09:30

The last few days have not been any rest in the United States, as the country was hit by severe storms and flooding during the last week. It is this that relates the Weekly Cat Report issued by Aon on march 29.

Storms of 23 and 24 march

Violent thunderstorms accompanied by powerful winds and hail have wreaked havoc during the days of 23 and 24 march. In fact, they have hit the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.

It is pointed out that the size of hail could reach the size of a tennis ball or baseball, one can read in the report. This is the seventh time since 1950 in the United States that the hail will reach 51 mm in diameter.

The report indicates that economic losses and the insured losses will exceed each of the bar of the 100 million u.s. dollars.

Significant flooding

In addition to the recent storms, the United States are also made with a significant number of floods. The recent storms and many rains have caused a rise in the water level in many parts of the country. These floods last for two weeks now.

Despite the drop in the water level of the basin of the Missouri, the recent floods have caused significant losses to the citizens and merchants living near the shores. Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri have suffered significant damage related to flooding, according to the report.

In South Dakota and Minnesota, temperatures above normal have caused a melt significant snow, leading to a rise in the water level between 24 and 27 march.

It should be noted that the air force of the united states have estimated that the floods and other natural disasters in the current of last 6 months will add up to approximately us $ 4.9 billion. These have caused damage to two us military bases. One of them is located in Florida, and the other in Nebraska.

Potential threats

The report establishes a few weather factors to monitor for the next few weeks :

  • The snow will continue to melt around the basins of the Mississippi and the Missouri. All will increase the water level and cause damage, according to Aon.
  • Risk of storm are to be expected in the South-East of the country. In addition, the weather systems from the Pacific will bring heavy rainfall in the north-west of the country.

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