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A book that speaks : “De kessé the customer experience ?” by Daniel Lafrenière


Micheline Bourque

June 14, 2018 07:00

De kessé the customer experience ? by Daniel Lafrenière

Whether or not you are of those who consult in the first place, the bibliography of a book to know what inspires the author and on what he based his comments, dare to experience with the more recent book of Daniel Lafrenière : “De kessé the customer experience? “. He provides a bibliography which is very rich of 100 references in the amalgam in a way that is relevant to his excellent little book that leads us into the world of customer experience.

Daniel Lafrenière is an expert in customer experience and of course author. One of the main goals of the book for him, it is to provide a tool extension. There are few works of writers of Quebec on the customer experience. Here’s one that adds up !

The customer experience, that is what it is ? Daniel Lafrenière we explained from the beginning : “The customer experience is the emotion felt by a customer when it comes in contact with a company, and regardless of the way. This is what the customer remembers after this interaction. “

If this definition does not allow you to grasp the fact what is the customer experience, fear not, all will become clear thanks to the numerous examples with reference to the Zero Moment of Truth, the moment when the customer comes in contact with you and your brand.

Many of the examples refer also to major companies such as Apple or Nespresso. Even if they often quote the great Daniel Lafrenière does not leave us in the questioning on how customer experience applies to a small business. On the contrary, it demonstrates that these principles apply in the same way that it is large or small.

“Whether you are a small, medium-sized or large company, the customer expects a high quality experience “, he says from the outset of the game in his book.

To help companies better understand the concept, Daniel Lafrenière their offers this book to be very well designed and articulated. When it comes time to present the best way to get there, the author proposes ten principles that apply to all, big or small.

The size is of little importance

Has the reading of the ten principles of the customer experience that the author proposes, you will understand that it is quite right to say that the size of your business has nothing to do. All clients deserve to live a pleasant experience. This book is full of examples to illustrate very concretely how we can get to deliver an experience to meet the expectations of the client.

And what are these ten principles? Here they are :

  • Remove the barriers
  • Speak the language of the client
  • Know and acknowledge the customer
  • Be polite and empathetic
  • Lower the anxiety
  • Anticipate the need
  • Do not repeat the client
  • Encourage the trial and does not lock up not the customer
  • Inspire confidence
  • Surprise the customer

The most important : reduce barriers

Eliminate obstacles in the customer journey will increase customer loyalty that will the fact of the charm, did you know ? Take good note of it. Why customers appreciate so much this aspect ? Because they do not lose time. They will not have to know the stress and anxiety that may come with obstacles like wait, and wait and wait…. by way of example. That one is big or small, again, everyone can act at this level and to facilitate the client’s life.

The title of the book does not leave anyone indifferent. When one opens the book, one finds that it is written from a very nice pen, as the book’s content is well organized. The many references are excellent. For who don’t really know what is the customer experience, go for it in this reading. Its compact size is easier.

And in insurance, one is good or bad ?

As is the synchronicity of things, the author cites the insurance industry as an example a few times and for different reasons, good hits, and less hits and more, for you to discover.

Daniel Lafrenière has chosen to publish his book at the author’s expense. He has already published other books. It will surely not be the last.

If you want to discover another work in Quebec on the customer experience. Hélène Douville has also published on the subject last year, a book titled : Customer Experience, be the favorite of your customers. Published in Performance Edition and with a preface by Christiane Germain, it is a book very handy on the customer experience and how to excel in it.

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