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A chiropractor receives a fine of $ 15 000 for fraud


Justine Montminy

October 10, 2018 11:30

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Following an extensive investigation ofAviva Canada to help prevent fraud in 2016, the chiropractor Edward Hayes has been sentenced to pay a fine of $ 15 000 by the College of chiropractors of Ontario. His license has also been revoked.

Representatives of Aviva had used a ploy of hidden cameras and were made to pass for the injured motorist claiming compensation for personal injuries. The health professionals had encouraged them to make claims, despite no pain. This investigation has brought to light a system of collusion between the health care clinic Wellness Centres of Ontario, where it was employed by Dr. Hayes and the law firm of Kovtman Law.

Criminal past

It has also been shown that Dr. Hayes had received his license to practice despite criminal history. He had been convicted of a case of fraud similar with the Blue Cross of Michigan in the 80’s and 90’s. He had been sentenced to spend 12 months behind bars, had to pay $ 140,000 to the insurer and had had to give up his license before travelling to Ontario.

“A health care professional with a criminal history should not be allowed to treat accident victims injured in Ontario, believes Gordon Rasbach, vice-president of fraud management at Aviva Canada. The professional bodies such as the College of chiropractors of Ontario need to understand the impact that their members who have acted in a fraudulent manner may have on the insured end up paying. “

Awareness video

Aviva has taken advantage of the latest developments of the case to release a video reminding of the importance of exposing the fraud in insurance. According to the insurer, fraud costs citizens more than $ 2 billion per year and contributes to the increase of premiums.

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