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A class action authorized against Desjardins



26 August 2019 13:30

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A request for a class action against Desjardins financial Security has been accepted by a judge of the Quebec superior Court last July.

In 2016, the consumer group Option consommateurs has raised that Desjardins financial Security has automatically added the protection of cancer to life insurance contracts of 385 000 consumers ” without [the insured have made] the request or received any prior explanation on the protection and without the possibility to refuse “, one can read in the judgment. Insured persons who were not eligible were also seen to add to the protection.

In a letter sent in December 2017 to affected members, ” Desjardins admits not to have followed sound business practices “.

These people had the choice to cancel the protection and receive a refund for the premiums paid for the protection, or maintain it.

The insurer has contravened the various provisions of the insurance Act and the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services.

Thefinancial markets Authority had sanctioned Desjardins financial Security to the same event in 2017. The co-operative had had to pay fines of $450,000.

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