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A company has launched a mentoring program for women in fintech



7 March 2019 11:30

On the eve of the international women’s Day, the montreal company Fintech Cadence launches a mentoring program for women. This program is an opportunity for women entrepreneurs ” overcome the existing barriers and to succeed in [the] growing industry [fintechs] “, supports Fintech Rate.

“One of our priorities has always been to encourage women to participate in our programs. This is our introductory program Ascension, our Formathon taking place each spring, or any other of our activities. Thanks to our efforts, the rate of women’s participation in our programs is more than four times higher than the standard of the industry, ” points out Geraldine Holliday, head of digital products at Fintech Rate.

The company says that its mentoring program, the certificate of Building Blocks, was created ” to respond to needs in the community, fintech Montréal and contribute to its development “. “We enable our stakeholders to better understand the needs, the culture and the rules of the technology industry for the financial institutions. “

Women under-represented in the fintechs

Women are under-represented in the sector of fintechs, reveal data advanced by Fintech Rate. In effect, they represent 9 % of all the entrepreneurs in fintech, according to the Fintech Growth Syndicate and 5 % of senior non-founders.

The company boasts that 75 % of her team is female and that 66 % of the members of its board of directors.

“Well as emerging companies in fintech are commonly founded to meet the needs of the industry and consumers, women still represent a small proportion of participants in this sector. The fintech is still in development stage, we have the opportunity to promote a greater participation of women in identifying mentors, providing support to individuals with the potential and facilitating the transfer of knowledge — but we must act now ! “adds Ms. Holliday.

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