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A draft law on condominiums filed late


Justine Montminy

June 15, 2018 11:00

Photo : Unsplash | Philip de Leon

The minister responsible for consumer Protection and Housing, Lise Thériault, presented on 12 June at the national Assembly bill 401, an Act aimed principally at improving the quality of buildings, the management of the condominium and the operation of the housing authority just a few days before the end of the parliamentary session.

The omnibus law on housing would, among other things, the amount of the contingency fund be ” established in accordance with a study establishing the necessary amounts “, so that this fund will be sufficient to cover the estimated cost of major repairs and replacement of common elements matured in a condominium.

End of the parliamentary session

The bill 401 requires the syndicate of co-owners a statement of the state of the finances and on the state of the building. Unions will need to put in place a maintenance log should be reviewed every five years.

As the parliamentary session ends today, and elections are scheduled in October, the project will neither be debated nor adopted under the current legislature.

The Grouping of the managers and owners of Québec (RGCQ) welcomes the tabling of this bill and hope that the next government will continue the efforts in this direction.

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