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A fintech québec receives financial support of more than 750 000 $


Aurélia Morvan

30 July 2019 13:30

Photo : Freepik

Hardbacon, the objective of which is to democratize the investment in the stock Exchange, announced on 30 July that it had received a funding of close to 770 000 $.

Through the platform of crowdfunding capital FrontFundr, more than 500 investors who have provided financial support to the enterprise of financial technology in quebec since the month of June.

Turn “business to business”

“The money will be used to accelerate the growth of fintech, which has recently made a turn B2B “, said Hardbacon. In fact, the application, which was initially reserved for self-directed investors, is now available to financial institutions.

There is little, Hardbacon has introduced an offer for financial security advisors. The young shoot had also signed a partnership agreement with Desjardins online Brokerage a few months earlier, in September 2018.

With this round of funding, which will end on 8 of August next, Hardbacon ” wanted to allow its clients to invest in the company.”

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