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A fintech u.s. opens artificial intelligence lab in Montreal



31 August 2018 11:30

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The company of financial technology california Jumio has opened an artificial intelligence lab, the Jumio HAVE Labs in Montreal. The fintech is developing technologies to facilitate the verification of the identity online.

The company explains that the space will be dedicated to the creation, testing and deployment of learning technologies by machine that are designed to do three functions, so-called “vital” for the verification of online identity, data mining, fraud detection and risk rating.

Development of models highly predictive

“Thanks to the size of Jumio and in-depth experience of the verification of identity and credentials, we have assembled a repository of very large data sets to develop models of artificial intelligence highly predictive, supports Mr. Patel. The Jumio’VE Labs will build on this experience to further refine our models of artificial intelligence, supervised, develop best practices and continue as a platform for innovation. “

The team will be led by Labhesh Patel, chief technology and scientific officer at Jumio. The company is said to have chosen Montreal to install his laboratory because of his status as a hub to major technology and talent that emerge from academic institutions established in the city.

Jumio cites data saying that the market for identity verification online will reach $ 20 billion by 2022.

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