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A hundred tornadoes : a billion dollars worth of damage


Hubert Roy

May 24, 2019 11:30

The months that follow and resemble each other in the United States. Natural disasters follow one another.

After the snow and rain, are now of the tornadoes that have been plaguing the country of Uncle Sam. Not less than a hundred tornadoes were reported by Aon, who, every week, publishes a balance sheet of natural disasters on the planet.

Once again, the United States are the most affected. Tornadoes have occurred in the states of Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Damage have also been identified in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and in the State of New York.

Total bill : a billion dollars. The insurers will also pay for a good part, anticipates Aon. The property and casualty insurers, american cover the majority of damage related to hail and high winds.

Elsewhere in the world

Some regions of central Europe are grappling with heavy rains, strong winds and a few tornadoes. The centre and the south of Germany have particularly been affected by between 20 and 22 may, where the climatic conditions violent have led to flash floods. Southern Poland has also been hit by floods. The rivers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and north-eastern parts of the country are now under surveillance.

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