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A life insurer shall appoint a chief growth


Hubert Roy

August 29, 2019 16:05

Michael Stickney

Michael Stickney will have a unique mandate within a life insurance company of Canada. He was appointed chief of the growth in ai financial group.

His appointment is very recent and has been announced to the employees of the insurer this afternoon at 16 hours. Denis Ricard, CEO of iA financial Group, explained in the Journal of insurance and the reasons that have led him to create this unique position in a life insurance company.

“Michael is part of our organization since 1999, since we acquired Seaboard Life, the insurer for whom he was working. He will oversee the growth initiatives of all units of our company, and this, in all of these segments of the business. I hope that our management team can benefit from his vast experience at this level. “

This announcement comes on the heels of another appointment within the insurer, which this time, came from outside of the organization. This is Lilia Sham, who has been named executive vice president of business development in may. It will play an increased role in the acquisition iA financial Group intends to achieve over the next few years. Also, she has held similar positions for 13 years at Intact financial Corporation. Ms. Sham is also part of the executive committee of iA which account his 11 most senior managers.

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