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A new chapter begins for our customers !


Serge Therrien

22 October 2018 06:00

This week, the new Journal of insurance will make its arrival in the industry. It is the result of requests that our customers have expressed during our investigation, in the beginning of the year. You have been 4 350 we reveal what you needed for you to develop on a professional level.

Our mission

Since its foundation, the Editions of the Journal of the insurance is at the service of the professionals of the insurance industry. Our mission is to provide strategic information to help them develop and grow both their business and their company. We do this through three types of services : printed publications, events and digital tools. This mission will not change. It will intensify.

Thousands of you have even offered to continue our conversation in surveys, focus groups and telephone interviews. We have started the process and we will continue. I thank you for that !

The society is changing, your log also !

The transformation that we begin to respond to the digital revolution which changes the society and ways of doing things. The consumption patterns are different. We need to adapt.

This approach builds on what you are looking for.

Your requests expressed in our survey also revealed a gap that has developed gradually in the industry : the functions of research and marketing analysis of the issues of society that affect the insurance are virtually missing. They have faded over the decades, with the transformation of the structures of the industry, often with the quasi-disappearance of the sales forces, the so-called ” career “. Thousands of financial advisors have thus become self-employed. In damage insurance, the consolidation of players has increased, resulting in similar effects.

In such an environment, the long-term vision based on the insurance needs of Canadians has faded. The pressure of the financial markets on the price of the shares on the stock market has also diverted the attention of businesses to the results of the ” next quarter “.

You have expressed it, that you are licensed life and health insurance and financial services, licensed property and casualty insurance leaders, insurance companies, persons, or officers of insurance companies of damages.

For the thousands of advisors and brokers self-sustaining, it is difficult to develop solutions and action plans in the long term to help the customers.

We close this gap ! With the goal of delivering to you the records that become, in your hands, the tools of work to ensure Canadians have the insurance coverage necessary to protect their assets, their heritage and their dreams.

I invite the industry stakeholders who wish to give back the tools of growth for advisors to join us to build our records.

Three goals will guide us :

  • To enrich the information to enable you to better anticipate the future and respond better to your insurance clients.
  • Meet your needs in a personalized way, according to your tastes and your preferences.
  • Offer new services built according to your requests.

Our main activity remains the journalism will add services and features online to help you grow your business.

We will intensify our digital presence by adding new tools, transform the role of our print publications and create tailor-made services.

Our print publications will continue to be an integral part of our offer. Our information services digital and printed material will, however, be complementary and, as a result, the contents should be the same.

Five major areas will, at your request, the pillars of our actions.

  • The society in general and, more particularly, its demographic changes : in order to help you better understand the complexity of the issues to better serve your customers.
  • Health : to track the evolution of trends in order to better serve Canadians. Our folder on the cancers that affect Canadians to give you the right time on the new deal in terms of insurance for the survivors of this terrible scourge. Up to you to inform your customers.
  • The economy : establish itself as an aggregator of economic trends to better anticipate the future and help you to inform your customers. Our dossier on the fraud shows the extent to which the negligence of the industry in this area can cost a lot to the whole of the insured.
  • The industry of the insurance of persons and damage insurance : to allow you to learn all about the facts and the actions to ensure your growth.
  • Entrepreneurship : to support you in the development of your business or of your business as professionals in the industry.

A logical product of a logical portal

Another major change to come : to offer industry professionals a one-stop shop to support their growth !

In this vein, our nine products and services will be integrated shortly in a single portal to allow you to consume at your own pace and according to your needs ! And other services will be added…

A program that animates all the team of the Editions of the Journal of insurance !

See you soon,

Serge Therrien

President and publisher
Journal of insurance
Insurance Journal

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