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A provider corroborates the situation described by Aldo Arcaro


Hubert Roy

April 18, 2018 07:00

Freddy Marcantonio, vice-president, business development and distribution, Tag, corroborates the words ofAldo Arcaro on the practices of insurers in terms of auto theft. On the 20 insurers that can be found in car insurance in Quebec, it determines that 13, see 14 insurers have best practices in the area of auto theft. The other draw, however, the industry down, says he.

“It gets the anti-selection. Sooner or later, these insurers have found themselves with problems in their risk portfolio.”

He stressed that insurers consult to see whether such a model requires special protection. “The actuaries employed by insurers to investigate claims in the past. We saw the rape self in the present, in real time. We will, therefore, seek the trust of the insurer to do this. “

What is it that explains the situation of the insurers who pull the paw ? Mr. Marcantonio believes that there is a nonchalance on their part vis-à-vis theft auto, to see a certain naivety.

He deplores the fact that almost all of the insurers protects differently from the vehicles when they find themselves in a commercial fleet. “It is very uneven. We could even see insurers that are case-by-case to settle everything, according to the past claim of the customer. Thieves do not take account of this when it comes time to steal a car, ” he says.

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