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A reinsurer tests the technology of portable equipment in life reinsurance



16 May 2019 11:30

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PartnerRe has launched a pilot project using the technology of the portable devices (such as watches connected) in order to explore the possibility of using the data it will collect in the area of risk underwriting, in partnership with the firm’s connected health dacadoo.

“The pilot project will allow PartnerRe to collect real-time data on the health and well-being as well as on concrete experience in order to provide its customers around the world, information in the field of health, allowing them to take full advantage of mobile technologies to better underwrite risks and better engage with their customers,” says the reinsurer.

Six-month trial

The employees of PartnerRe, Paris, and Zurich participated during six months in the pilot project, which aimed to assess the effectiveness of portable technology platforms and wellness order to change the behavior of people towards their health. The participants had the opportunity to manage their health through the platform of dacadoo, ” which combines motivational techniques derived from the behavioral science using gamification and social networks “.

PartnerRe ensures that the data remain confidential and are not shared with third parties.

“We are very excited about this pilot project with dacadoo, which offer the dual advantage of promoting better health and greater well-being within our organization, while providing valuable lessons on the technology of portable equipment. By combining this with our ability for advanced data analytics, we can share our ideas with our clients in the insurance sector, life and health, who wish to use these data to design and customize products according to the risks of their customers, ” said Marc Archambault, chairman of the division of life and health of PartnerRe.

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