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A reinsurer wants to bring insurers and fintechs



27 March, 2019 09:30

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The european reinsurer Hannover Re has launched an online platform, named hr | equarium, in order to play matchmaker between the insurers and the fintechs. By signing up, it is easier for the insurers and start-ups to partner in order that the first to adopt the technologies of the latter more rapidly, says the research firm GlobalData.

“The integration of the latest technologies in the insurance sector not only improves the efficiency of back-office, but also the customization of products, underlines Daniel Pearce, analyst of the insurance industry of damage in GlobalData. In addition, many insurers have put in place innovation lab and accelerator programs to identify start-ups that can help it to become a leading innovator on the market. “

Free access for the insurers and start-ups

Offered exclusively and free of charge to clients, Hannover Re, the platform presents solutions that have been approved by the reinsurer. The start-ups that are presented will also have access to the platform free of charge.

The solutions of these companies must meet at least two criteria, either be turned towards the international and to have applicability world, have a co-signer, Hannover Re, to be used by Hannover Re, have already been implanted in one or more insurers and have received positive reviews or have received a capital investment of Hannover Re.

“The success will be of benefit to Hannover Re”

“The success of the platform will benefit clearly to Hannover Re. Assist its partners insurers will allow Hannover Re to cooperate with insurers seeking to take advantage of the benefits of the young shoots. This will help the insurers to reduce the frequency and cost of claims, and to enter new markets, ” adds Mr Pearce.

GlobalData also states that similar initiatives by other players in the market, including the global competition of innovation by Zurich, or the program of investment in the technology ofAllianz Allianz X.

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