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A reputation to improve : ways to do it


Alain Castonguay

11 June 2018 07:00

How to improve the reputation of the insurers ? According to Bruno Guglielminetti, independent consultant and popularizer of the field of digital, insurers must demonstrate that their customers are happy with their service.

Michel Laurin, president and chief operating officer ofiA Auto and home stresses that the insurer conducts surveys of customers who have had to deal with the claims service. Thanks to social networks, the good comments of the consumers can spread more quickly.

“We can use social networks. We do not have the right to miss our shot “, he insists, because the slightest skin of a banana will erase the image left by the hundreds of good comments.

According to Denis Dubois, president and chief operating officer of Desjardins general insurance Group (DGIG), the industry needs to improve its approach and its execution, in particular thanks to the analytical tools. He cited the example of the recognition achieved by the insurers within the community of Fort McMurray in the wake of the fires of 2016.

Mr. Guglielminetti has argued that if the insurers lose the habit of sharing their good shots, the peel of banana will be even more evil. “You need to change the perception of consumers to your respect,” added Mr. Guglielminetti. He suggested insurers to promote their efficiency in showing the work done following a major disaster, as has been the case during the floods of the spring of 2017.

He added thatAmazon will offer as little of banking services in the United States. “There are strong brands in insurance here in Quebec. This is a chance for you. Consumers know you, ” he said.

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