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A survey from Aviva allows you to acknowledge three health professionals and the law for fraud



April 9, 2018 09:45

An extensive survey ofAviva Canada’s fraud to auto insurance in the area of personal injury in Ontario has been allowed to accuse and to condemn three health professionals and the law for fraud and attempted fraud.

Representatives of Aviva have used a ploy of hidden cameras, and made to pass for the injured motorist claiming compensation for personal injuries. This investigation has brought to light a system of collusion between the health care clinic Wellness Centres of Ontario and the law firm of Kovtman Law.


Subsequently, the Toronto police service conducted a search warrant and filed charges against Edward Hayes, chiropractor, Michelle Osacenco, an employee of the clinic and Anna Kovtanuka, paralegal.

Mr. Hayes and Ms. Osacenco have both pleaded guilty to a chief with fraud under $ 5,000. The first has received a sentence of six months suspended with probation order of 12 months. The second has received a conditional discharge with probation order of 12 months and an order of restitution separate from 1 500 $.

Ms. Kovtanuka has pleaded guilty to a chief of attempted fraud under $ 5,000 and received a conditional discharge with a probation order of three years and a restitution order is separate from the $1,000.

“The facts uncovered in this investigation shed light on the abuse typical of current within the motor insurance system in Ontario, including the costs continue to contribute largely to the increase in premiums,” says Christopher Lang, senior director of the anti-fraud service of Aviva Canada.

Several measures adopted

Since then, regulators in ontario have adopted some measures in response to the investigation, including the revocation of the license of Ms. Kovtanuka by the law society of Upper Canada, suspension of the license of Mr. Hayes, and the sending of a provisional order in the clinic the Wellness Centres of Ontario of an administrative penalty of 21 985 $. The owner of the clinic, is also seen to impose an administrative penalty of $4,000.

Aviva clarifies that a private provider of health care for two people injured in a road accident in Ontario, and that the number of professionals offering legal services to victims of bodily injuries is on the rise.

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