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A team of mentors around Yan Charbonneau


Hubert Roy

October 15, 2018 07:00

Raynald Rochette, Gilles Pelletier, Carl Couture | Photos : Denis Méthot

Traditionally, during an acquisition, the sellers disappear after a given period of time. This is not the case with Couture Rochette, a company acquired by Yan Charbonneau.

The roles are well established. Yan Charbonneau is a man of numbers, and the one who ensures the strategy of the company. Relationships with insurers are assigned to Raynald Rochette. Gilles Pelletier and Carl Couture are both sales managers and representations of the company.

“Yan sees how it works,” said Gilles Pelletier. We have always been renowned for being a jewel of organic growth. In our first year, 22 years ago, we had a vision of the future. We have always achieved our objectives. It goes by the will. He does have a team behind it. “

Raynald Rochette added that their presence provides to Mr. Charbonneau to achieve a smooth transition, which is expected to take several years. “We act as mentors. We transfer our knowledge. “We are growing,” adds Carl Couture. Our customers and employees have adapted quickly. “They entrust moreover, all wanting to work for several more years.

This division of tasks allows as well to Mr. Charbonneau to reflect on the vision of the company. He has entrusted to us not to manage customers or volume in the property and casualty insurance or in life insurance, directly under his cup. “I have all my time to think about how I’m going to drive the whole. “

Moreover, the children of these three leaders work within the company. Adam Couture, Danny Rochette and Sébastien Pelletier is go up in small levels.

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