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A white paper to address the grey areas of insurance


Frédérique De Simone

30 July 2019 11:30

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Theinsurance brokers Association of Alberta (IAFB) has filed, jointly with the government of Alberta, a white paper to address the automotive crisis now raging in the province of the West.

In the course of its fiscal year, the working group has identified some of the problems that it wishes to see improvements, especially with regard to the good health of the insurance system. The initiative is designed to allow consumers to have access to a car insurance effective and affordable while maintaining the viable market of automobile insurance in the province.

The COLLECTION raises the shortcomings of the rating system automobile and would allow greater flexibility of assessment methods of payment and the level of coverage of the physical damage.

The constant problem of the cost of bodily injury

The white paper issued by the association is also intended to clarify the classification of minor injuries, in order to ensure that the victims of actual minor injuries are compensated under the ceiling of harm. Serious injuries and catastrophic must be excluded from this regulation and compensated separately.

In addition, the association claims that the therapeutic treatments, such as dental care and psychological should be included in the eligible expenses in the protocol of diagnosis and treatment. Since all the injured people deserve to receive the care necessary to heal and recover.

The insurance industry of damages represents $ 3.2 billion to Alberta’s economy and employs more than 23,000 Albertans.

A future sawtooth

Ensure cars in Quebec is more perilous than before. The costs of the claims are on the rise, forcing insurers to increase premiums. Not counting the complications that will arise from the autonomous car…

In its edition of August, the Journal of insurance will turn its attention to the evolution of the automotive market in Quebec. Make sure you get this issue by subscribing or renewing your subscription :

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