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Acquisitions in distribution : “there are a lot of opportunities in the market,” said Charles Brindamour


Hubert Roy

July 13, 2018 07:00

Charles Brindamour

During the most recent teleconference of Intact financial Corporation with financial analysts, its chief executive Charles Brindamour said that there are still plenty of opportunities to invest in distribution in Canada.

“The pressures in motor insurance certainly contribute to this. The market is firming. It makes the whole more difficult to be a broker. It thus generates activities. With our experience of the last decade, we are ready to capitalize on it. “

The annual report 2017 Intact also makes reference to this desire. “We continue to invest in our broker network through investment in equity and / or financing) in order to strengthen our links with them. Through these relationships, we can stimulate the business growth of our dealers, to participate in the consolidation of the dealer network and enhance our distribution of products “, can we read there.

During the conference call, Mr. Brindamour has also indicated that they would not have observed variations in the multiple and in the assessment of the value of brokerage firms over the past 18 months. It recognizes, however, that there are a lot of “sound and stories” that circulate to this effect.

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