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ACTA began its campaign 2019 with the support of 3 insurers


Hubert Roy

25 March 2019 11:30

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RSA Canada, Trisura Guarantee and Pembridge have renewed their support for the program of promotion of the broker from theinsurance brokers Association of Canada (IBAC).

“The support of these three insurers will allow the ACTA to make a national advertising campaign to educate guests about the important value that insurance brokers bring them : choice, advice and advocacy. With a logo refresh and new platform be calm, the campaign of promotion of the broker gives a new breath to the brand image and highlights the value of network brokerage as a mode of distribution, ” said Peter Braid, executive director of ACTA.

In addition, their investment will contribute to the realization of several important projects of ACTA, including the development of innovative technologies, professional development, and advocacy with the federal government must continue to insist on the importance of maintaining the separation between the activities of banks and insurers to protect consumers and promote a fair and competitive market environment.

Why the CEOS have renewed their support

“We are pleased to renew once again our full support to the Programme for the promotion of the broker as a full-fledged partner. We believe in the value of the broker as trusted advisor, independent, and we intend to continue to invest in the network brokerage, and to defend the value of this mode of distribution. “— Martin Thompson, president and CEO of RSA Canada

“Trisura Guarantee owes its success in large part to the strong support of its brokers. We work exclusively with brokers. We believe that the insurance brokers of damages provide an essential service to consumers by defending their interests and advising them. Our ongoing partnership with the ACTA is a way to support the brokers in regard to a multitude of important issues for brokers and their clients,” — Mike George, president and ceo of Trisura Guarantee.

“We are proud to renew our support for the Program of promotion of the broker and we look forward to participate in the realization of many initiatives of the ACTA and the promotion of the role of the broker as a trusted advisor to their clients,” — Bob Tisdale, president and chief operating officer of Pembridge insurance company.

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