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Acting quickly is the key to reducing the time disability mental health


Justine Montminy

2 October 2018 13:30

Prevention strategies and support put in place by employers can lead to a significant decrease in the time to disability of employees and the costs for businesses, according to Biron Health Group.

According to the data shared by the company during the Congress Class of 2018, organized by Segic, disabilities, mental health accounts for 30 % of claims in the short-term disability and their total cost average per employee is $18,000.

“It is possible to put several strategies in place to reduce this figure. The key to reducing the costs linked to absences disability is to act quickly, ” explained Karine The Beer, senior director for Biron.

Adequate support

A disease is considered “chronic” after 12 weeks. “Accompanying the patient must be between 42 h and 72 h after the diagnosis of the doctor. It is at this time that the person is the most helpless. It is necessary to have the right tool to achieve the treatment plan quickly, ” said Ms. Beer.

She reminds us that the depression is difficult to diagnose and that the current system of health lack of resources and did not always allow patients to have an adequate support during the remission.

According to the data observed by the program of Biron, a framework that includes social support, which offers a good knowledge of the disease to the patient and which provides an access care more easily leads with an average drop of 37 % of a short absence, therefore, of less than six months. Good supervision also reduces the risk of recurrence.

Pharmacogenetics to find the right treatment

A little earlier this year, Biron has completed the acquisition of BiogeniQ, a company of pharmacogenetics in quebec. Pharmacogenetics allows you to select the medicines that are compatible with the genes of the patient by studying his DNA directly.

“The treatment of depression often requires several trials before finding the right treatment for the person who suffers from it. There are a couple of anti-depressants on the market. According to our results, the internal test pharmacogenetics can reduce 2 to 3 weeks the time of disability short-term “, explains Antoine Bégin, director of sales and business development at BiogeniQ.

According to the data shared by BiogeniQ at the conference, studies have shown that patients who have been on a test pharmacogenetic had two times more chance of being in remission of their symptoms of depression after two months.

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