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Actions “bold and quick” in the fight against climate change


Charles Mathieu

5 June 2019 13:30

Action “bold and swift” are needed to ensure that cities and businesses can increase their resilience to climate change. It is said Miguel Gaspar, municipal councillor and mayor will replace the city of Lisbon, during a panel discussion organized in the framework of the Summit Movin’It.

The discussion, moderated by Sandra J. Sucher, a professor at theHarvard University, brought together Mr. Gaspar, Ursula Mathar of the BMW Group, and Philippe Montantême at Total Marketing & Services.

They were all in agreement on the fact that the next ten years will be crucial in the achievement of their objectives on transport investment, new technologies, and decarbonisation.

Pass the word to the deed

However, to pass from vision to action, there must be a form of collaboration between different industries, ” said Mr. Gaspar. “It is not difficult to work together. The problem is that we do not have the habit of doing it. “

According to Ursula Mathar, he must find a way to bring the solutions say more “global” to more ” local “. She adds that the various sectors should trust. “It is only this way that we can move forward. “

Changes of a way to invest

Sophie Javary, vice-president of the board of directors of the european bank BNP Paribas says that the challenge is to continue to be profitable while being useful to the world. The whole applies also to the sector of the investment.

To get there, she says, it will be necessary to develop new products for investors, while playing a key role in the field of education as it relates to climate change. “For example, natural disasters affect the real estate market and increases heat greatly affect the agricultural sector,” she explains.

Ms. Javary added that the role of banks and other companies of investment will be to analyze the various risks associated with climate change and the impact that these have on their investments.

“The whole world must immediately invest in the fight against climate change, because, otherwise, our generation will be held as guilty of the disasters that follow “, she says.

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