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Alberta is investing in the mitigation of flood risks



27 August 2019 11:30

The government of Alberta has announced that it has invested $ 7.6 million ($M) in infrastructure, new and existing, in order to mitigate the risk of flooding.

The project aims to better collect, store and move storm water to the following events of heavy rains in the province.

“The people of southern Alberta have been witnesses to the devastating effects of floods, stresses Celyeste Power, vice-president of the Western region at the insurance Bureau of Canada. While the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, such as flooding, are increasing, we want to work with the government on adaptation measures such as these, to better protect Albertans. The BAC and its members applaud the investment of the government of Alberta. “

An accumulation of events

The oca reiterates that the insured losses related to weather amounted to two billion dollars in 2018. This is the fourth year the highest ever recorded.

“However, in contrast to the 1998 ice storm in Quebec, to the floods of 2013 in Calgary or forest fire Fort McMurray in 2016, no isolated event has not caused the high amount paid for the losses of 2018. Instead, Canadians and their insurers have experienced significant losses in events from one ocean to the other, ” said Ms. Power.

Quebec withdraws from new municipalities

The ministry of municipal Affairs and Housing has, once again, subtracted from the municipalities in its project intervention area special (ZIS) yesterday, which aims to impose a moratorium on the construction and reconstruction in flood-prone areas or at-risk.

This are 49 municipalities, most of which have been removed from the ZIS yesterday, bringing the total to 106 since the publication of the ministerial decree on the 12th July last.

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