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Allianz, Apple, Aon, and Cisco are launching a solution in cyberassurance



23 March, 2018 09:45

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Allianz, Aon, Apple , and Cisco have formed a partnership to launch a solution to cyber security for businesses, allowing them to adopt a strategy called “holistic” by the members of the group.

First, Aon is in charge of assessing the exposure and resilience of the company to cyber risks. Then, the company must obtain the Apple products to its employees and to protect these devices in the software to protect against ransomware Cisco. Finally, the company can take advantage of the coverage of Allianz. Clients of the solution can benefit from the teams response to incidents of Aon, and Cisco.

Better manage cyber risks

The press release indicates that the higher level of security offered by the use of Apple products and software defense Cisco enables companies to be eligible for the insurance solution is “improved” of Allianz. Customers can benefit from a reduced deductible, or even zero.

“This solution has been designed to help a larger number of organizations to better manage and protect against cyber risks associated with the ransomware, and other threats associated with software, which are the most prevalent today,” says the group in a press release.

32 % of companies have a protection

A survey of the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers quoted by the four companies reveals that almost one in three (32 %) had taken out a coverage cyber any in the last six months.

“The low adoption of a cyberassurance, an opponent’s assets, a security market with technology that is fragmented and a lack of talent in security means that it is difficult for many organisations to understand and manage the risks efficiently “, added the companies.

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