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Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google : that they hidden ?



22nd October, 2018 07:00

Matthew Dugal is a “serial moderator” on Radio-Canada. If you recommend a book, make a note of it. By signing the preface of the first book of Scott Galloway, professor at Stern School of Business (New York), and a serial entrepreneur, he makes us understand that this is an excellent book.

The Reign of the four, was published in the Editorial, is a fascinating book because it reveals precisely the “hidden face” of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA). These Four, they titillate our curiosity because it gives them such a great value and so much confidence.

“Apple is regarded as the most innovative enterprise in the world. Amazon, the more trust-worthy (whatever that means). Facebook as the best employer. But the confidence that we have in Google is unmatched. Google is the modern God “, say the author.

The author refers to a multitude of facts and studies skillfully gathered and analyzed, to lead us into the world of these ” Horsemen of the God of love, sex, and consumption. “A universe where they hold a power of enormous economic and revolutionizing the world in which we live, for better and for worse. The message of Scott Galloway is a real warning against the domination of the GAFA.

Of the Four, it exposes a case-by-case basis in one or the other of the 11 chapters of the book. You know, the GAFA, it is more than 418 000 jobs and a GDP equivalent to that of France. It is wholesale it ! Reading this plunges us in a universe that is huge and fascinating, which unmasks the real strategies and the power of manipulation of the Four.

The first six chapters are very specific to the GAFA, and then follows a projection into the future and a look at the challenges the dominance of the GAFA create and accentuate, including on the level of democracy.

An unprecedented wealth

The author draws on numerous statistics, tables and facts to substantiate his remarks. You get the best value for your money. Did you know that the money that Apple may have immediately is close to the GDP of Denmark ?

On Amazon, Galloway posits that the company ” is on the point of brutalizing the entire ecosystem of the retail trade. His triumph will cause the loss of much of the world, and not just business taken in isolation, but in industrial sectors for the whole “. This is not nothing.

Other interesting facts, ” Facebook is able to listen to us, even in ambient noise, from the microphone of your phone. It sprays all the other actors in the field of hearing or information collection “. A little disturbing, no ?

The look of the author on Google reminds us that the company ” runs constantly the risk of being indicted for abuse of a dominant position in the United States and abroad. “Is this that Google would become a public service, this omnipresent God, but less and less visible in our daily lives ?

The future and the GAFA

Scott Galloway raises many issues to which our society and ourselves are facing. All that concerns the right to privacy continues to be topical and it deals with it as well as the non-accountability of the Four vis-à-vis the false information. He illustrates many times the economic impacts of the Four, together and separately. And of course, he speaks of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The chapter on the Algorithm T will appeal to those who want to know how one of them will reach into the trillions of dollars. In your opinion, which will succeed first ? In fact, since the publication of the book, two of the four giants have reached this cap. Apple was the first, followed by Amazon.

The factors that explain this possibility are, among others, the differentiation of the product, the capital visionary, global reach, capital sympathy, artificial intelligence, and geography. The analysis in fact Galloway is stunning.

“The hegemony of the Four has an overly broad impact on the competitive landscape and on the lives of consumers. They are hindering the success of mainstream businesses and hamper the competitiveness and the survival of all tech start-ups aimed at consumers “. Let’s not forget this point.

Will there be there a fifth horseman ?

And which of the Four will survive ? Here are other questions that pique curiosity, isn’t it ?

Yes, they will be destroyed, advance to the author. “The companies operate as biological organisms. So far, their mortality rate is 100 %. This reality applies to all Four. “Will they be replaced by Tesla, Alibaba and other innovative companies ? The answers are in the book.

The author is right. Each must deepen its knowledge of the social and economic impact of the GAFA, no ? Matthew Dugal reminds us well : “Who watches the GAFA ? For the time being. Almost nobody “. As a citizen, professional, employed, no matter, it is necessary to understand this reality and embrace it. This book is a great way to get there.

The Reign of the four

By Scott Galloway, was published in the Editorial, 2018

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