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Amazon is considering to launch a comparison site insurance in the United Kingdom



21 August 2018 13:30

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Uk insurers could partner with a tech giant : Amazon. The business of online trade is apprêterait to launch a site of comparison of insurance products, says the analysis firm GlobalData.

If Amazon was previously perceived as a threat to the industry, the insurers of the United Kingdom may make a distribution partner, argues Danielle Cripps, an analyst for the insurance sector at GlobalData.

“The market aggregator has lacked innovation in recent years, what Amazon could fix this by bringing something new. Some insurers may want to develop a business relationship with the business by adding skills related to the insurance to the personal assistant, Amazon’s Alexa. They may also want to use the market of products such as home appliances and smart watches connected to expand their product offering, ” says Ms. Cripps.

Limited success for Google

However, it highlights the experience of Google in the field, which has not experienced the expected success. Ms. Cripps points out that the two companies have similar profiles and that it is not given that Amazon can know a better success than its competitor.

“The insurance industry was relatively unaffected by the wave of fintech in 2016, with only a few players external that actually have a toehold. However, the fintech has greatly progressed since then, Amazon has even created a partnership with Aviva for his camera, the Alexa, ” says Ms. Cripps.

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