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An accelerator of fintechs is hosting a second cohort in Montreal



19 August 2019 13:30

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The accelerator fintechs montreal Fintech Holt welcomes today a second cohort of start-ups dedicated to the field of finance. Thus, eight companies from five different countries settle in the metropolis in order to develop their project. The program will end on 8 November.

Fintech Holt offers up to $ 125,000 in funding in exchange for equity in the start-up, in addition to other opportunities for future funding.

“It comes to investing in canadian entrepreneurs and international who may possibly relocate or base their businesses in Montreal. This creates direct benefits, not only for the consumers here, but also for our financial institutions and their suppliers, while allowing us to remain competitive at the international level “, points out Jan Christopher Arp, associate director and co-founder of the accelerator Holt.

The cohort is composed of :

Conatix, a u.s. cyber security which helps companies to detect and prevent fraud and data theft to the internal.

ConfirmU, which helps people with little or no credit history in accessing certain financial products.

HodlBot, a robot-adviser in exchange for cryptomonnaies.

LexAlign, which proposes a solution for security and compliance for the business so that they can make digital repositories of cheques.

Maat.I, a fintech mexican who has created a solution for managing and sharing digital documents.

Manzil : this company offers to the muslims a mortgage that complies with the ban for some of them to pay or receive interest in their financial transactions.

MarketsFlow, of Great Britain, holds a platform for the optimization of the portfolio that promises high returns to individuals who manage their own investments.

WealthBlock.I, of the United States, offers investors a secure way of viewing sensitive documents ” which allows you to track interactions between the parties in order to optimise the efforts of followed.”

Holt claims to have received almost 600 applications from 74 countries to be part of the cohort.

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