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An acquisition update for Hub


Hubert Roy

23 September 2019 11:30

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Five companies are placed in the lap of Hub International last week. The company, which implement both damage insurance and insurance of persons, the announced at a rate of one per day. All the acquisitions made in the past week have been made with our neighbours to the south.

Thus, Monday, September 16, the Hub announced the acquisition of Washington Financial Group. Established in Virginia, this company is active on the side of the retirement planning and benefits.

The next day, it is Stone Street Pearl River, a company established in the State of New York, which is passed in the bosom of the Hub. Like her predecessor, she is active in retirement planning and benefits.

Wednesday, 18 September, at the tour d’EPIC Retirement Services Consulting to be acquired. This firm of independent investment specializes in retirement plans. She is based in New York.

Of the assets of the firm WhartonHill Advisors, in Pennsylvania, was acquired the next day. Then again, these are asset management plans, which were the target of the transaction.

To conclude the week, the Hub announced that it had placed a hand on Perennial Pension and Wealth. This company is active in wealth management in retirement plans and retirement management. She is based in New York.

A 40th acquisition

To start the week, the Hub has announced a 40th acquisition since the beginning of the year. It is that ofInter-Mountain Retirement Partners, a consulting firm in the retirement management and investment established in Colorado, with a branch in Utah.

Of the 40 acquisitions announced by Hub since the beginning of the year, five were made in Canada.

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