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Appropriating the Internet : the keys to success for an entrepreneur


Jean Blouin

June 5, 2018 07:00

Patrick Bouchard, Guy Doucet | Photos : Réjean Meloche

In 2018, the question is not whether we should be present on the Internet, but how to reorganize its sales strategy around. The Web is no longer just an add-on, it is at the heart of the sales cycle of a company.

Why this change ? Because this migration to digital is reflective of a culture change deeper : the desire for autonomy of consumers. They now want to be in control of the transaction from one end to the other. There will be no turning back.

The Day of the insurance of damages 2018 has invited two entrepreneurs who appropriate the Internet with success, and who came to tell their approach. One of the insurance industry, the other a sommelier virtuel. Why going on the Internet ? That is what has worked well ? What is it that has prevented them from sleeping some nights ? What great lessons to get out of it ? Here are their findings !

Started from scratch in his basement with$ 5 Million of premiums

Patrick Bouchard founded Bouchard & Associés in 2009. “Alone in my basement “, he says. Today, his brokerage firm in damage insurance, located in Quebec city, employs 13 people, including 7 brokers, and has just crossed the bar of $ 5 million of premiums.

In addition to offering the standard products, it is specialized in risk-hard-to-insure : cancellation for non-payment cancellation, criminal record, driving while impaired, frequency of claims and the refusal of insurers. “Everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else ! “

He was re-positioning using the Web as of 2014. Today, he manages the front four sites, including

“The Internet is the only way in our time to assert its trademark and sell its value-added,” he says. But this is not done by shouting chisel. We put the money, the time and the will. A brokerage firm such as ours, to Desjardins and iic of this world that have big budgets and experts to migrate to digital. We know that and we appâte people through our sites. I complete with advertising on the radio, on the Internet and even in the toilet restaurant ! “

Patrick Bouchard is a member of the board of directors of the Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d’assurance du Québec (RCCAQ) since 2010 and he assumed the presidency in 2015-2016. The question of the supervision of the consumers are of concern to many.

The importance of the council

“For us, it is a certified professional who completes the online transaction, he says. I do not leave my customers without a safety net. Even if they are simple to understand, only 10% of the forms are properly filled in. The applicant he made the best choice for him or the most economical ? He failed to disclose information or incorrectly answered a question, which could compromise a potential claim ? The only guarantee, it is the intervention of an intermediary certified. From experience, I also know that the human touch that reassures the people. “

In summary ? “Yes to the Internet as a tool for marketing and communication. But not to sell insurance without a certified professional. The consequences could be too serious. “

The largest wine cellar, a virtual world

Guy Doucet founded Alfred – The Wine Expert in 2015. The images come together when the time comes to describe its business.

Basically, Alfred is a mobile application that allows owners of cellars and private to offer their wines on the resale market, manage their reservations and know the best time to consume their bottles. To do this, his team consists mostly of engineers and computer scientists has developed a curve of duration of life, taking into account the climatic data, the variety and quality of the vintage.

We also offer the subscriber a range of services. Warranty one-year automatic on all products purchased in the online store, ability to buy insurance separate digital for its wine cellar and receive advice from a professional sommelier, online or over the phone, for its shopping, are just a few.

“Our business model combines artificial intelligence and human expertise,” says Guy Doucet. We are pioneers in the scale of the planet. “

Guy Doucet is a techno wool. From 1991 to 2012, he has been in turn the main shareholder and chief executive officer ofHarfan Technologies andOz3, a provider of IT solutions.

A model to be exported outside of Quebec and the Atlantic

It took ten years to develop its mobile application. A partnership with the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) has helped him to realize his project. It is considering export of its model in the rest of Canada and across the Atlantic.

“The technology allows us to serve 27,000 subscribers with three people,” says the founder. The volume requires automation, he said.

“It also allows us to better know than ever to our customers and build loyalty. When they come to our site, we are given a packet of information on them : what time they came, what pages they focused on, what products were of interest, the state of their basket of provisions, wine regions they prefer, etc .. It sets the table for a reminder from us, by email or phone, and allows us to re-run with special. “

To Guy Doucet, the digital is only a means of communication. “The main principles remain the same : how to hook people with whom one wants to do business, and how to keep them with us. Once we had receptionists with voice welcoming which set the tone. The digital only allows them to do everything faster and with a greater number of people. ”

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