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Association supplier advisory council is developing a module to integrate texting


Hubert Roy

12 October 2018 13:30

David Larkin | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Insurance brokers of Quebec will now be able to directly integrate the discussions that they had via text messages directly to the folders of their customers. David Larkin, president of Software association supplier advisory council, made the announcement in the Journal of the insurance this morning. This module will not be reserved only for dealers that use broker management system marketed by the company. It can be purchased.

Even as it will not be limited to the insurance industry. Any company wanting to keep conversations via text messages with customers and to integrate them in its databases will be able to acquire. Mr. Larkin is currently working on the development of a strategy for the market outside the industry.

“Make life easier for the dealers”

This module was piloted with two brokers in the last few months. Association supplier advisory council is now in the launch phase.

According to Mr. Larkin, this module will make life easier for brokers. “Sometimes, when a customer does not remember to the following telephone message, the broker attempts to reach him by text message. And often, it works ! However, the discussion that he had with him by text message could not be recorded easily in the BMS. This is what it comes to change. Our module integrates a button to the function sms text message to a mobile phone that allows you to record the conversation with the customer directly in its folder after the conversation is over, ” he explains.

He also added that during a disaster, customers often send photos to their brokers via text messages. The broker should then send an e-mail to save it in the folder of the client, without being able to integrate the conversation in addition to. The module is thus to simplify this operation by simply pressing a button that appears in a window.

Mr. Larkin said that they believe this module will be aware of the success. He pointed out that about 80 % of our existing customers have expressed an interest to use it. Software association supplier advisory council has worked with the technology firm Twilio to develop it.

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