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Assumption Life : André Vincent will retire; Sébastien Dupuis will replace it


Hubert Roy

December 7, 2018 13:30

André Vincent, Sébastien Dupuis

Assumption Life will have a new CEO as of January 1, 2019.

Andre Vincent has announced that he will step down from this function on 31 December. He will then retire on June 30, 2019. He was the CEO since April 2013.

For Mr. Vincent, one of his greatest achievements is to have managed the transition to digital of the insurer, a gesture that he describes as essential to position the organization for the future.

“I am very proud of the work done and the way in which the company operates. Assumption Life is in good health and I leave her in good hands with a new president and ceo qualified, a management team of strong and professional employees determined to ensure its development and its sustainability “, he commented.

The course of Sebastien Dupuis

About the future CEO’s Assumption, he has been working in this business for 17 years. Sébastien Dupuis has climbed the ranks in the course of the journey, starting as finance director, then chief of the risk management, vice president, chief financial officer and, most recently, vice-president, chief financial officer and strategic partnerships.

“Assumption Life occupies a special place in my heart since 2001. It is an honor for me to start a new chapter professional within the organization. I would like to thank Mr. Vincent for the outstanding work that he has undertaken during the past six years and I enjoy his stay with us as senior advisor in order that this transition takes place smoothly “, said Mr. Dupuis.

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