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Assurancia continues to grow


Andrea Lubeck

27 February, 2018 07:00

Lucy Decelles

The banner in damage insurance, Assurancia is continuing on its momentum, then it has experienced an 11% growth of its volume of business in 2017.

“A new member has joined our organization, and our program for producers is put in place,” revealed Lucy Decelles, president of the banner. She added that discussions are ongoing for the project.

It was the first year of the presidency of Ms. Decelles, which claims to have the wind in their sails. “I am surrounded by a great team bursting with projects. I was already well involved in the banner with my colleagues in the past, so the transition was made. “

15 members and 36 branches

The banner account now 15 members, including a new cabinet of Laval, who joined Assurancia. Ms. Decelles said to be in discussion with a number of other firms. The number of branches reached 36. The volume of premiums has not been clarified.

Last year, Assurancia has focused its strategy on startups, which has led to the banner to make the acquisition of the business of marketing No Limit Marketing. This enables him to provide brokers with start-up of the key tools in hand.

“We provide them with the insurers, the technology and our expertise in marketing development. Our flexible plans allow entrepreneurs to choose the options that best suit their needs “, says dr. Decelles.

Develop tools

In 2018, the banner account, develop more tools to facilitate the growth of its partners. “These developments are just as important for the Web site for the tools that are available to customers and brokers. It also includes the agreements that we negotiate with our various partners and suppliers, ” summarizes Ms. Decelles.

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