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Aurrea and two defectors of SFL to create Panache financial Group


Alain Thériault

May 23, 2018 07:00

Christian Laroche, Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion

Two defectors of SFL, Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion, joined Aurrea Signature to become equal shareholders with the banner of a new cabinet : Panache Financial Group.

Respectively the owner and the associate director of the Centre financier SFL Vieux-Montréal until April, Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion left SFL to be able to continue their business model. The two partners have concluded their discussions with the president of Aurrea, Christian Laroche, they could pursue the business model that they had begun to develop in SFL to their arrival in 2016.

Thus, in addition to developing new advisors, they support advisors to Pro-Life insurance in the southern suburbs of Montreal and in Montérégie. Their model is a generalist. It focuses on the interdisciplinarity and the coaching.

The two associates had said in an interview with the Journal with the assurance that this model does fit more with the new structure polarized in the power centres of the network of SFL. The discussions between the two parties and initiated in January.

CEO of Aurrea Signature, Christian Laroche has managed to touch a chord of both partners. He knew them for their strength in business development. I got wind of the restructuring of the network of SFL and I had the eye open, said Mr. Laroche. I know them well. At the same time, I wanted to put the hands on people with experience to coach advisors experience.

The experience of Ms. Bertrand in management of sales and that of Mr. Campion as a political organizer were two perfect candidates for Christian Laroche. “They have a holistic approach, a model that is focused on coaching that supports the advisors while promoting their independence and respecting their business model. This is what we were looking for.

“The cards are played”

Laroche believes that Plume will help the organization to grow in the region of Boucherville, location of the registered office of Aurrea and several member firms, of which Panache and Pro Life insurance. “With their experience, Nathalie and Mathieu will be a rapid growth. They are also very comfortable to train and develop young advisors.

The consolidation of the general agents brought Laroche to the position. “When you look at the acquisitions of PPI by ai financial Group, and financial Group Horizons by Great-West, we see that the insurers themselves and that the cards are played in Canada , lance-t-il. The president of Aurrea believes that the majority of the brokerage network will soon be under the thumb of the insurers.

To grow its volume, Aurrea is positioned on the side of the alliances, and start-up firms. We have participated in several discussions of acquisitions, but have not been successful. The cost of this avenue of development is very high, ” insists Mr. Laroche. Can one achieve a return ? Is there a synergy ? There may be disappointments.

Aurrea does not rule out this possibility, but does not want a development focused only on acquisitions. We want to enter into strategic alliances, such as that with the Plume, and development of new firms.

Panache financial Group is in addition to Pro-Life insurance, The Group Pilon, Financial Services, Surtech, Torrus Financial Group, GestionFTM, Pro Spect insurance, Aurrea Collective (formerly Pro-Life group insurance) and Karma Insurance.

Rise of Aurrea

Since the beginning of the year, the volume of new insurance premiums of all member firms of Aurrea is up 34 %, revealed Mr. Laroche. Sales submitted in separate funds in terms of new premiums increased by 42% during this period “, he added.

Hardly present in a separate fund six years ago (with a Pro Life insurance), Aurrea is estimated to have reached a cruising speed in this area. “We should reach 100 million dollars of new sales of segregated funds this year “, said the president of Aurrea.

Among the member firms, young companies have shone. In the bosom of Aurrea since 2016, GestionFTM has seen a business growth of 153 % since the beginning of the year, reveals Mr. Laroche. The Torrus Financial Group was 133 %.

Torrus had reached its cruising speed, but has taken on a second growth phase which begins to bear fruit , he explained. Pro Life insurance had taken part in Torrus in 2015. Organization that is more mature, The Group Pilon has experienced a business growth of 33 % since the beginning of the year.

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