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Auto insurance : Intact adapts its strategy to the technological sophistication of the cars


Andrea Lubeck

March 28, 2018 07:00

Patrick Barbeau

To better manage the cost of claims in automobile insurance, Intact financial Corporation has reviewed its strategy in 2017. All this has resulted in a strategy with three pillars.

Patrick Barbeau, senior vice president, claim, has unveiled the broad outlines during a conference call with financial analysts. It was held in the wake of the disclosure of the results of the fourth quarter of 2017 to the insurer.

The adaptation is necessary because the increase of the cost of the repairs is due to the fact that cars are becoming more sophisticated because of technology, ” said Mr. Barbeau.

Be best first line

The first pillar of the strategy Intact aims to provide better tools to its frontline employees within the claims department. “It is necessary to come to more informed decision making around the repair process from the start,” said Mr. Barbeau.

For example, these employees can determine more quickly if a vehicle can be repaired or if it needs to be declared a total loss, does it give. “This way, we reduce the cycle time and eliminate the cases where we have to tow the car more than once. “

Trend towards the specialization

As a second example, Mr. Barbeau provides the use of a distribution tool, car repair workshops that specialize in the type of car and type of repair. A trend towards specialisation can be observed from the workshops, he says.

“When we can give clear guidance to front-line staff so that they can guide clients to repair their car according to the model, the type of accident, in particular, can achieve significant cost savings,” he said. The situation has evolved, so that a few years ago, repair shops were rather general. Some of the workshops performaient better than others in this perspective. “

Tighter control

The second pillar is focused on a tighter control around the process as such. In particular, there is a question of a technology that enables new processes of repair, such as a scanner plugged in to a car that sweeps up to define the repairs to be made. This demand for new equipment, said Mr. Barbeau.

Finally, the third pillar deals with the costs related in the case where the cars are subjected to physical damage, including the cost of car rental, towing, storage and salvage. “Having a better understanding of the process, when we take a look at the estimates made by the repair shops and by our teams on the ground, we can better guide our clients and even save costs on the estimate before starting the repair,” said Mr. Barbeau.

our customers and even save costs on the estimate before starting the repair, ” said Mr. Barbeau.

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