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Aviva Canada modifies its structure to gain efficiencies in Quebec


Hubert Roy

November 1, 2018 09:30

Aviva Canada is making changes to its operation in Quebec. An announcement was made on Tuesday to the hundreds of brokers with whom the insurer has arrangements in Quebec.

The of the insurance Journal spoke with Jean-François Lussier, vice-president, network brokerage, Québec, Aviva, to focus on those. “We want to be closer to our brokers. We want to offer them a service that is more clear when the time comes to deal with us “, says Mr Lussier.

Three units for business development

Aviva will separate its division of business development in three units. The first concerns the representatives on the road, which at Aviva in Quebec, were designated under the appellation of leaders. This name changes. They become the guiding relationship brokers.

Why this change ? Because these managers will have more latitude in their relationships with brokers, ” says Mr Lussier. In addition to representing the underwriter, the directors, relations brokers will have responsibilities increased regarding the management of the business segments, but also at the level of the strategy that is developed with brokers.

For directors to relationship brokers to dedicate more time to the strategy that is developed with brokers, Aviva creates an operational centre. The specialists who will work at the will of their home and will have a mandate to respond to the questions of the brokers in respect of day to day operations. “We want to improve our accessibility,” said Mr. Lussier.

National training center

The third axis linked to the development of business that the insurer has relating to the training of brokers. Aviva Canada is putting in place a national training centre to which the brokers will be able to fetch resources, but also earn continuing educational units in the case of brokers in Quebec.

“We want to modernise our approach and make it more uniform and user-friendly. Brokers will have access to a virtual library, which will be self-service to the brokers with whom we have contracts, ” says Mr Lussier.

Closing the Quebec city office : read Monday

Aviva Canada has also announced that it will close its branch located in Quebec city. More details next Monday in, the newsletter Web with wall charges of the Journal of the insurance. To subscribe, click here.

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