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Aviva offers the sending of claims in auto on smart phone



1 March 2018 11:30

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Aviva Canada has partnered with the american provider of technology claims virtual Snapsheet in order to allow us to send claims on smart phone in automobile insurance. It is the first canadian partnership to the provider.

Once the customer files a claim, he takes photos of the vehicle damage and submit through the application AvivaExpress, powered by Snapsheet. The team of evaluators of Snapsheet trafficking and inspects the damage to the vehicles based on the photos.

With the help of a specialized software, the provider can make an estimate of the cost of the repairs. The client then receives the payment from its insurer and may bring his car to the garage of his choice. The customers are guided by the customer service of Snapsheet throughout the process, said the supplier.

Facilitate the claim process

“Aviva shares our main objective to facilitate the claims process for everyone. We are excited to extend our services to the canadian market, ” says the founder and CEO of Snapsheet, Brad Weisberg.

A pilot project conducted by Aviva has revealed that 93 % of customers have chosen to try the virtual platform, which allowed them to resolve the claim between 20 and 40 % faster than with traditional channels.

“The results of our pilot project have shown a great improvement of the claims process for our clients. The time required for an estimate to be completed is significantly reduced meaning, which helps to reduce uncertainty for our customers, ” emphasizes Lynn Anderson, head of claims, acting for Aviva Canada.

38 % of the insurers use the claims virtual

According to the study 2017 the Future of Claims Study from LexisNexis, 38 % of insurers use a process of claims virtual while 100% expressed their interest to adopt this kind of technology in the next five years.

“We believe the claims process should be simple. Most insurers think the same way, but do not necessarily have access to the technology to do it. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the insurers and the technology claims virtual everywhere. Our expansion in canada is only the beginning, ” says Mr. Weisberg.

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