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Aviva will not extend its offer directly to the Quebec


Hubert Roy

4 October, 2018 07:00

Colm Holmes

For Colm Holmes, the growth of Aviva Canada, Quebec region, passes through the brokerage. Its network of direct distribution will not grow beyond what it is now, said its president and CEO.

Mr. Holmes spoke with the Journal of insurance at the beginning of the month of August. The insurer had then just published its results for the first half of 2018.

During the interview, Mr. Holmes has ruled that the brokerage will remain its preferred channel in Quebec. “We want to become a bigger player in Quebec. Our ambitions are large. We want to diversify our portfolio, as well as our distribution. Will we be more present in direct distribution ? A little. We do not have a plan to build a network of direct distribution in Quebec. We will continue in direct distribution with what we already have, no more. “

Mr. Holmes said that, at the end of the day, the choice rests with the consumer. “That is why digital is so important. However, we will focus above all on our broker partners “.

“What’s going on with Aviva ? “

In recent months, many brokers have given to the Journal of insurance, under the guise of anonymity, question the plans of Aviva for Quebec. Mr. Holmes is well aware.

“Our priority has been to review the company for it to be profitable. We have a clear strategy to that effect. Our priority, what are the brokers. We must build on it. My plan is to grow in Quebec. We have a lot of experience and expertise, as well as of the capabilities we need to deploy. Brokers can expect that we double our efforts to deliver the goods. “

Mr. Holmes also acknowledges that Aviva has taken decisions that have had an impact on Quebec during the last few months. The insurer has reduced the number of firms with whom it has distribution agreements. Then, significant changes have been brought to the management team in Québec, resulting notably the departure of Martin-Eric Tremblay.

“We look at what we can do to serve SMES and individuals. Can we be a player in the field of aggregators ? It is considered, even if it is different from what we are doing in this moment. The main emphasis is placed on the consumer. We will be more customer-centric (customer centric). “

Work with governments

Aviva Canada can benefit from the experience of the headquarters in the United Kingdom, be deemed to be a market where the insurance industry has experienced major upheaval. However, Mr. Holmes does not see the main issue for his company in Canada. He wondered instead if the canadian market will reform quickly enough at the regulatory level to regain its profitability adequate.

“We must all work together, including governments, to ensure that we innovate. We must take advantage of artificial intelligence. There is room for greater agility, in Quebec particularly. It is a market that is much more free. It is an aspect of Quebec that I greatly appreciate. “


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