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Belairdirect gives$ 1.5 M to the Club des petits déjeuners



26 March, 2018 09:45

Belairdirect has offered a gift of $ 1.5 million to the breakfast Club so that the organization can implement new breakfast programs at three schools in the country located in areas of great need. The donation, spread over three years, will also support existing programs.

The insurer also argues that the donation will assist in an applied research project on food insecurity caused by poverty among children in order to sensitize and educate the population on an issue that affects many young people in Canada.

One child in five lives in poverty

The breakfast Club ahead of time that one child in five lives in poverty. The body reveals also that students who skip breakfast lose an average of 132 minutes of learning per day, whereas 60 % of the school subject is taught in the morning. These students may therefore lose up to four months on a school period of a year.

“The students who benefit from breakfast programs have demonstrated a clear improvement of their skills in areas such as self-employment, initiative, conflict resolution, and participation in class, specify bélairdirect and the breakfast Club. Eating well in the morning, it is good for the brain, and that is why a balanced meal can improve the behavior of children, their concentration and their social skills. “

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