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Belron and Uniban carry several of their centres of calibration systems


Andrea Lubeck

10 October, 2018 07:00

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Belron Canada has decided to invest three million dollars to establish the equipment calibration systems-driver assistance (ADAS) through its 200 centres to corporate and 40 franchised stores in Canada by the end of the year.

Sylvie Leduc, vice-president, brand management and promise a client at Belron Canada, indicates that this initiative has been made in anticipation of the future, while 40 % of all cars sold in the country will be equipped with cameras by the year 2020. The current rate is 8 %.

“We just have 50 of our centers, equipment calibration ADAS. It cost $ 20,000 per equipment, not to mention the costs of training and those who will be added as new equipment are coming out. It is expensive, but necessary. The calibration can save lives, so our centres must have in their possession “, says dr. Leduc.

The vice-president advance that Belron has more than 300,000 calibrations across the world, representing a calibration every two minutes. Since the technology is advancing rapidly, the company is able to send information to its service centers every six months to keep them up to date.

Uniban Canada has also decided to make more of the calibration tools available at its service centers. “In order to improve the industry, we continue to share the technology and the complexities of the calibration. We want to position ourselves to provide the most information possible on this aspect to consumers, ” says Syndy Houle, principal director, assurance and strategic projects at Uniban.

Accelerate the repair

In the last year, Belron Canada has developed a new repair system that allows not only to reduce the repair time, but give back to the windshield look almost new, according to the glazier. The Advanced Repair Technology (ART) allows you to automate several steps in the process that were previously manual, and thus reduces the time of repair, settling past 45 minutes.

“We have a repair rate the highest in the industry and a failure rate of only 1 %. This is very good “, praises Ms. Leduc.

She added that this new system produces a result that is ” almost perfect “. “There is no air or particles which sneak between the tools and the windshield during the repair. When I walk in the service center, the technicians tell me that they are looking for the brand that we once could always be seen on a windshield after a repair. “

Integration of GuideWire

Since the beginning of the month of September, Uniban has set up an accelerator for the standard GuideWire Claim Center, to allow insurers to facilitate the integration of portals and solutions for the glazier. They are thus able to internalize the management of the cases of exception and to reduce the time of claims processing.

“It will be very interesting to work with the tool and see how our customers will benefit. The standard reinforces the bridge created between us and the insurers, ” said dr. Swell.

Document the client process

The glazier, who purchased the banners, Star Auto Glass, Gb ! Glass & Accessories , and the Doctor of the Windshield in the last year, has also started to analyse the course of a client. The process is designed to document the expectations and needs of the customers from the beginning of the claim until they take possession of their vehicle after the repair of their windshield.

“We want to see where are the flaws in the claims process and repair in order to facilitate and improve the customer experience,” elaborates Ms. Houle. Several innovations as a result of this approach taken by Uniban in the next year, she announced. Among these, the glazier will launch a mobile site for free service to insured customers so that they can make the management of their claim.


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