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Better communication will be vital to attract candidates for specialized the industry will need


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Hubert Roy

September 7, 2018 07:00

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Traditionally, the specialized functions in insurance of damages is limited to actuaries and underwriters. The industry now needs to ensure to hire programmers and mathematicians computer, including.

The only problem is that it is not the only one to need this type of expertise, on the contrary of the subscribers and, to a lesser extent, of the actuaries. How to go and get these new experts ?

For Michel Lacelle, vice-president, organizational services, for eastern Canada, claims adjuster IndemniPro, the industry will have to adapt its message on several levels. First of all, it will have to revise its ways of communicating, not to mention as the technology evolves. “It’s an adjustment that we can do in our work to everyone. “

Patrice Jean, chief executive officer of Lussier Dale Parizeausays that the industry will see a transfer of jobs by the functions that the industry will need. “The sale of insurance via the Internet without a representative, it is something that will be very scalable. It will eliminate repetitive tasks. It is necessary to see this aspect of a very good eye. It will also change the profile of the people that it employs. It will make employment insurance more interesting. “

According to Jean-François Desautelssenior vice-president in Québec, Intact Insurance, if the insurance professional spends less time collecting data, it will spend more time with consumers. “In insurance companies, this means that it will be able to spend more time with his client entrepreneur to understand his or her needs. Personal insurance, we will be better able to explain what is telematics or a connected home, everything about him speaking more of the impacts of climate change. He has more time to advise. “

Retain the skills and support people

Michel Lacelle states, however, that it will be important to retain the skills of the people, while accompanying them throughout their career. “This is the way to communicate that will change. It will be argued the skills we can help develop. “

Carl Dubé, vice-president, human resources, Desjardins Insurance, sees above all an evolution of functions in damage insurance, rather than their pure and simple disappearance. “The underwriter won’t disappear. It will be more sophisticated. The artificial intelligence in will convert to a part. It is necessary to consider that the transaction will be pushed to digital. “

Michel Lacelle, we must not lose sight of the fact that the insurance industry deals mainly with humans. “We do not go to a total control of the machines,” he says.

Educational institutions need to be sensitised, says Carl Dubé. “We do not seek the quantity of candidates, but their degree of sophistication. “

The Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance, in which the four men are directors, complete a study on the skills sought by employers in the property and casualty insurance. It is intended that the results be disclosed to the fall.

“It is certain that it is expected that the artificial intelligence is a game-changer,” says Patrice Jean. How will we adapt ? How to integrate it ? This is what is coming. “

Building on its peculiarities

Since it goes into greater competition with other industries to recruit, the insurance industry of damages should focus on what distinguishes it from other to attract the workforce, say the four administrators.

Michel Lacelle gives as example the case of claims adjusters. “This is a very cyclical, which goes according to the weather. It makes the area attractive to some. There was, however, not enough. The job security is there ! We can do a great career, but it remains unknown. “

Have the foot in the houses of the teachings through the Coalition can also seek the attention of the students, including newcomers, ” said Jean-François Desautels. “The colleges will make them experts. The field allows you as well to whoever wants to work outside of major centres. “

Carl Dubé adds, saying that this kind of benefits allows the industry to have good ammunition to recruit. It takes, for example, industrial engineers, which the insurers use. “We can make him an interesting offer, which will allow him to pursue a rewarding career. “

When the time comes to hire a scientist (data scientist), it must first of all go to look for the person who has a degree in this field of expertise, ” said Mr. Dubé. “Subsequently, we can develop it in-house. We have cross-cutting skills that he can acquire. “

The industry will always be the need for underwriters, ” says Patrice Jean. His training and his work of analysis, however, are called to be transformed, ” he said.

“It will have to develop expertise to analyze databases or learn to use a system of customer management (CRM). It requires a different form of education. It already exists a little. Technological advances will accelerate this transformation. As an organization, we need to put more budgets towards this type of factors. “

Jean-François Desautels recalls that his company now employs a meteorologist. There may come a time where it will hire a meteorologist by 100 representatives certified that it employs.

“This is the new reality ! The representative will have to explain how to work for Uber. It must promote : when you work in insurance, you keys to this. Young people say that it is more cool than they thought at first. “

What Patrice John adds that the industry will generate different jobs by the sophistication of the industry. Michel Lacelle says that his company Indemnipro, an insurance adjuster, hiring social media experts.

Carl Dubé agrees that the roles are evolving. “The subscription will remain. The skills will be more advanced, in line with technological advances. However, it is not certain that the company will succeed to follow at the pace we are going. “

Patrice Jean adds that if the industry did nothing to promote its professions, it would quite simply be no alternative. “I am confident in our appeal as an industry. There are good opportunities for career advancement in our field. The global offer is very interesting and it pays very well. “

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