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Bill 141 : Nicolas Marceau is conducive to the maintenance of the two Rooms for the moment


Denis Méthot

22 March 2018 13:30

Nicolas Marceau | Photo : Denis Méthot

Nicolas Marceau, spokesperson for the opposition in matters of Finance, indicates that the arguments heard by the parliamentary commission have not convinced to integrate the Rooms to theAuthority of the financial markets.

For the moment, the ex-minister of Finance of Québec continues to support the role and the existence of the Chamber of damage insurance and of the Chambre de la sécurité financière. Its position is not immutable, however, specify the one who is also a member of Rousseau for the account of the Parti québécois.

“No demonstration that the integration will work or not”

“To date, we have not had a demonstration that the model of the Rooms doesn’t work,” he said in an interview in the Journal of insurance at its office in the national Assembly on march 15.

No demonstration has been made that a merger of their activities to the Authority would not work, ” he admits. Unless it be the evidence that the’autoréglementation problem, it said to be hard to justify the integration of the two Rooms to the Authority.

“I’ll wait to see what the minister will provide as justification for inclusion in the Authority, he said. I told him that he would need to have convincing arguments. If the evidence is provided to me that this would be better as well, I might change my tune “.

Inconsistency in the’autoréglementation

He also considers it inconsistent to retain the’autoréglementation in some financial sectors and not in insurance.

“For real estate brokerage, for the securities, the’autoréglementation fact the case, but in insurance and financial security, it does not. There is something that conflicts with the intelligence. I am certain that the two Rooms, it is not perfect. Is it that there are large gaps in the protection of the public ? I haven’t seen it. “

Not a ruling anytime soon

The uncertainty that surrounds their future will not be lifted tomorrow, also believes Mr. Marceau. Bill 141 is so huge and the pane on the Rooms represents one of the last sections of the bill, ” he said. It will take a lot of time before getting there, according to him.

The member for Rousseau judge by that bill 141 is too large, and that it was filed too late. It was to be filed in 2016. However, it has been a year to be. Mr. Marceau said he did not understand why the government filed it as close to the next election.

“Unfortunately, I believe that this was a bad idea to take as much time and wanting to do everything in the same bill, the judge does it. In the case of Desjardins, there are changes contained in bill 141 that are required. We put in a brick that contains other elements that are non-urgent. I would not have waited so long before submitting them. We have waited too long and everything was put in a wide-ranging reform. This is not a process that I enjoy “.

A mouthful gigantic

Mp pq Rousseau says that he will not soon forget bill 141. “Treat a bill of this magnitude in a parliamentary committee was a challenge as I have never lived since I’m in politics,” he commented.

In addition, is added to the bill 150, which contains important provisions for the insurance sector, ” he recalls. “The bite is really huge. If I had been in charge of these matters to the government, I would have preferred that it digests all in small bites and that we can carry out the work in a way more serene and less rushed. “

Tomorrow : Nicolas Marceau delivers his impressions on bill 150.

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