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Blend of multiculturalism : a key strategy IDC


Alain Thériault

September 4, 2018 07:00

Ron Madzia and Henriette Bichai | Photo : Réjean Meloche

To develop in its markets, IDC Worldsource Insurance Network (IDC) said always bet on the respect of the cultural traits of its target clientele.

In this spirit, Samuel Chan, vice-president, asian markets from the agent-general, using the office of Quebec to develop this customer base. Addressing the multicultural population is one of the foundations of the growth of IDC.

“We do not come here trying to do things differently. We try and ôbuy intoö the culture, ” says Ron Madzia, vice-chairman of the board and shareholder of IDC.

For the latter, the hiring ofHenriette Bichai , vice-president of operations for Quebec is perfectly consistent with this vision. “We offer him the opportunity to build something from the beginning,” he says.

Ms. Bichai does not hide not, moreover, that multiculturalism is flowing in his veins. Coming herself from a first-generation immigrant, coming from Egypt, and her husband is a Québécois native Of les Escoumins, of which the family name is Brisebois, a name that also bear his children.

His goal for IDC in Quebec ? That the general agent has a French character that is inclusive, that welcomes cultural communities as well as communities who understand each other and help each other, ” says Ms. Bichai.

To do so, she said to looking to advisors engaged, ” said Ms. Bichai. “We are not looking for advisors who place business on a part-time basis. We don’t want to take the risk of compliance. We rest on four pillars : compliance, development consultants, technology and recognition. “

To optimize technological support for, IDCWIN is passed to the system back-office Wealthserv of Bluesun 2017 for the administration of the affairs of mutual funds. IDCWIN is still in the integration of data for the life insurance Wealthserv. Mr. Madzia was said to predict that it will be completed during the summer.

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