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Blue cross offers airport lounge and hotel room to its insureds in the event of a flight delay


Alain Thériault

November 20, 2018 09:30

Photo : Unsplash | Bambi Corro

It is close to theAirport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau on November 16, while the tarmac was covered with several inches of first snow to stick to the ground, as Blue Cross Canassurance has officially launched a toll-free service which helps its policyholders affected by the delay of a flight, by paying them a rest area at the airport or a hotel room close by. Available since 4 October, Service, Serenity is unique in North America, supports Blue Cross.

Entity that groups together Québec Blue Cross and Ontario Blue Cross, Blue Cross Canassurance Service offer Serenity without charge to holders of a travel insurance Blue Cross individual. CEO of Blue Cross of Quebec, Sylvain Charbonneau has touted this service of accompaniment that allows the insured to protect themselves in three simple clicks smart phone, as long as it saves at least an hour before the vol., The Journal of insurance attended the event.

Mr. Charbonneau has also emphasized the agility of his team who, with the help of the techno irish Blink, has been able to deliver the project in six months.

A room at $ 250

From a delay of 3 hours, Serenity offers access to a rest area “privileged” at the airport. If the delay is prolonged to 6 hours, the service pays for the booking of a hotel room in the vicinity, up to a maximum of $ 250, with an allowance of $ 50 per person, up to a maximum of $ 200 per contract. If there is no space at the airport, Blue Cross will allocate a sum of $ 40 to each person registered in the contract. If there is no available room within the perimeter of the airport, the insured person receives an allowance of $ 250 per contract.

Once the flight is saved, the system tracks in real time and sends in case of delay a text message or an e-mail which indicates to the insured the procedure to follow. The alerts may include notifications of flight delays, the coupons for the airport lounge and hotel, as well as a notice of transfer of funds, a transfer which can be made by Interac, PayPal or directly to bank account. No receipt or no claim form is necessary. The service applies no matter where the flight in the world.

The insured must have access to the Internet for the service to work. The roaming charges or related to the use of the cell package are not supported by Blue Cross.

To the individual only

Only an insured of an individual contract of Blue Cross are eligible, unless the holders of a travel insurance Visitors to Canada. Contracts of travel insurance CAA-Quebec, or group health insurance, including a guaranteed trip are also excluded. Blue cross also pointed out that Serenity is not a cancellation insurance or trip interruption.

Assistance in its DNA

The aim of the new service is to improve the customer experience in case of flight delay, said Sylvain Charbonneau in front of thirty of advisors gathered at the Sheraton Hotel from the airport. “It may seem a little original to talk about customer experience, so many companies say they put the customer at the center of attention. But it is inevitable ; the customers require, ” he said. We appropriate the term in a way may be different, capitalizing on the support of your customers, at all stages of their journey, at times that can be stressful. We believe that the added value of a travel insurance is not that in a medical emergency abroad, but also at any time. “

Mr. Charbonneau notes that for many insurers, offer of assistance is a bit of a necessary evil, but not to Blue Cross Canassurance. “The assistance is part of our DNA since 1989, when we created CanAssistance, a subsidiary of Blue Cross of Quebec, launched the CEO. The assistance is at the heart of our mission. It is too important to be outsourced. For me, my journey begins when I managed to close my suitcase, not when I arrive at the destination. “

A centerpiece in the strategy of the Blue Cross

In an interview on the sidelines of the event with the Journal of insurance, Sylvain Charbonneau is back on the importance of the customer experience. “It is indispensable, and we must follow them. The client needs that the service is simple to use and easy. This is part of the transition to digital that all insurance companies must carry. If they do not, they will not be in the game in a few years. “

Appointed in April by the chairman of the board, Louis Gosselin, to reorganize the activities of Blue Cross, Mr. Charbonneau sees Serenity as ” an example of what we are capable of doing “. The CEO of Blue Cross has hired many of the resources since the beginning of the year, which has allowed the rapid delivery of Serenity, and will be called upon to fly several other projects, has entrusted the CEO of Blue Cross.

Among them, a veteran ofAir Canada, George Platanitis, has taken on the role of vice-president, sales and marketing in September. Also in an interview on the sidelines of the event, he described Serenity as a service that gives back the control to the travelers. “When there is a flight delay, they will have access to an airport lounge and can relax at the hotel according to the duration of the delay. It is recognized that our travel assistance intervenes immediately in the event of a medical emergency, but with this new service, we want to go yet further and accompany our clients from the beginning of their adventures, ” he said.

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