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Budget 2019 : the federal government creates a national agency of medicines


Andrea Lubeck

March 20, 2019 11:30

In his budget 2019, the federal government has decided to adopt the recommendations of the advisory Council on the implementation of a national health insurance medicines and will include the canadian Agency for drugs.

This measure and the other two that accompany it “are important first steps to obtaining a plan that helps all Canadians get the prescription drugs they need,” says the department of Finance of Canada.

Responsible for the negotiation of the price

The agency will, inter alia, to assess the effectiveness of new drugs, negotiate drug prices on behalf of insurance plans canadian medications and recommend the drugs that represent the best value for money for Canadians, in addition to determining the medicines which would be the basis of a national form future, specified by the ministry.

Thus, the government proposes that Health Canada receives $ 35 million ($M) over four years starting in 2019-2020 to set up a transition Office ” in order to support the design of [the vision of the canadian Agency for drugs] “.

National strategy for medicines costly

The budget 2019 also provides for an investment of a billion dollars over two years starting in 2022-2023 and up to$ 500 Million in the following years in order to give Canadians suffering from a rare disease access to the drugs costly, they need.

The investment would create a national strategy on drugs for treating rare diseases with high costs that would collect and assess data on these medications, improve the consistency of decision-making and access. This would also negotiate prices with drug manufacturers and to ensure that effective treatments reach the patients.

Finally, the ministry of Finance proposes to create a national formulary for prescription drugs. This list, ” evidence-based and comprehensive “, will provide the basis for a uniform approach to registration form and patient access across the country “.

“Fiscal measures sound”

For its part, thecanadian Association of insurance companies of persons (CLHIA) judge “sensible” budget measures relating to the national insurance scheme drug and is satisfied with the orientation described in the budget.

The association welcomes the creation of the agency and believes that the development of a national form is an ” important step to ensure a level of protection more uniform “. It also welcomes the funding of the drug cost for the treatment of rare diseases.

“Our industry has urged the federal government to adopt a optical reasonable in terms of drug insurance, allowing insurers public and private to work together and respond to the main expectations of Canadians, namely the comprehensive access to all those in need and an increase under control the cost of drugs, while protecting the plans work now is that the vast majority of it,” said Stephen Frank, president and chief executive officer of the CPOMA.

The CLHIA cites the results of a study ofAbacus Data, conducted this month, which indicate that “more than 80% of Canadians want governments to spend taxpayers’ money on a solution that covers prescription drugs for those who need it, not those who are already covered by an employer plan “. The study shows that 94 % of those surveyed are in favour of a drug insurance system combining public coverage and private and now the group insurance plans.

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